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Momentum Medical Aid Options

With Momentum Medical Scheme, you have access to a wide range of medical aid options and industry-leading benefits. Whether you’re a student looking for the most affordable medical aid, a young professional, or a breadwinner who needs extensive cover for your whole family in South Africa, we’ve got you covered.

Medical Aid Plans 2021

Cover that’s value for money and meets your needs

Take a look at our 6 medical aid options - from affordable entry-level medical aid to comprehensive cover for your whole family - to find the best medical aid plan to match your budget and needs and get an online quote in 4 easy steps.

Evolve Option

Get hospital cover from the Evolve Network of private hospitals with no overall annual limit. Day-to-day benefits like GP visits are dependent on your funds in your HealthSaver.


R1 345 per month

Custom Option

A comprehensive hospital plan with chronic illness benefits from Any or Associated providers. Choose to have access to treatment at any hospital or to receive a discount on your contribution by electing to use a hospital from specific list of private hospitals.


R1 706 per month

Incentive Option

Get extensive hospital and chronic illness cover from Any or Associated providers. 10% of your contribution goes to a dedicated medical savings account to cover your day-to-day medical expenses.


R2 224 per month

Extender Option

Get extensive hospital cover and additional chronic illness cover from Any or Associated providers. 25% of your contribution goes to a dedicated medical savings account to cover your day-to-day medical expenses.


R5 231 per month

Summit Option

Get unlimited private hospital cover from Any provider. Chronic disease cover available for 62 conditions at Any provider. Day-to-day benefits are covered up to R26 900 per beneficiary per year.


R10 642 per month

Ingwe Option

Get the most affordable and accessible entry-level medical aid cover. Choose to get treatment from Any hospital, the Ingwe Network of private hospitals or State hospitals.


R455 per month

Compare medical aid prices

We’ve got you covered with

hospital plans
medical savings account options.
day-to-day benefits such as GP visits.
chronic medication benefits
a health incentive programme where you can earn up to R3 000 a month back in rewards through HealthReturns+ and HealthSaver+.
plus free access to the Hey Jude app, when you have HealthSaver, to assist you with getting things done.
You can also choose to enhance your medical aid plan further with
Compare the cover and benefits of two or more Momentum Medical Scheme options side-by-side to find the most affordable medical aid option for your needs in South Africa.

+ You may choose to make use of additional products available from Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited (Momentum), to seamlessly enhance your medical aid. Momentum is not a medical scheme and is a separate entity to Momentum Medical Scheme. The complementary products are not medical scheme benefits. You may be a member of Momentum Medical Scheme without taking any of the complementary products.

Online medical aid quote

Get an easy online medical aid quote, or call us on 0860 117 859 to discuss your health cover needs.

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