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7 tips to make the most of your benefits and save money

Practical tips and advice on how to maximise your health benefits and minimise unforeseen, out-of-pocket expenses.

1. Use the preventative screening tests

Make use of the preventative screening tests on the Health Platform Benefit to help prevent the development of conditions that could involve costly treatment. For example, taking your children for an annual flu vaccine can prevent them from getting flu, thus decreasing the chances of repeat infections that may require additional consultations and medication.

2. Use network pharmacies

Make use of the Scheme's pharmacy network, as they are contracted with the Scheme and won’t ask for additional administration or dispensing fees on medication.

3. Choose generic over original medication

Ask your doctor or pharmacist to prescribe or dispense generic medication where possible.

4. Compare provider rates

Speak to your doctor to check if you can negotiate the rates charged in line with what your medical aid option covers.

If you are on the Ingwe or Impact Option, make sure you use healthcare providers on the network to ensure that the provider charges according to the rates covered on your option.

If you are admitted to a hospital, make use of Associated specialists to get peace of mind that the specialist will charge at the rate covered on your medical aid option.

Log in to to view the providers in your area, or contact our call centre on 0860 117 859.

5. Get a quote from the doctor

Ask for quotes from providers, such as dentists, before undergoing high-cost treatment. Sometimes providers offer payment arrangements.

Remember to contact us to request pre-authorisation before undergoing procedures in hospital or day clinics. In doing so, you will be able to find out whether there will be any upfront co-payments and potential shortfalls in claims reimbursement.

6. Register your chronic condition

If you are diagnosed with a chronic condition, contact us to see whether it will be covered from the Chronic Benefit on your option. It is important to register the condition on our chronic medicine programme, for your claims to be reimbursed from this benefit and not be paid from your savings, or as an out-of-pocket expense.

7. Know HealthReturns

Through Momentum's HealthReturns programme, Momentum Health members on all options, except Ingwe and Impact, can increase their level of savings without having to pay more. You can supplement your day-to-day cover, as well as pay for medical expenses not covered on your option.

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