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An incentive programme that rewards you for taking ownership of your health. Our aim is to help you stay informed about your health status and reward you for staying healthy. Momentum pays up to R3 000 per family per month in HealthReturns+ to Momentum Medical Scheme members who:

  • Go for a yearly health assessment.
  • Comply with treatment protocols (where applicable).
  • Are physically active.

How does it work?

As a Momentum Medical Scheme member (excluding members on the Ingwe Option), you can choose to make use of HealthReturns from Momentum to seamlessly enhance your medical aid.

You can earn HealthReturns of up to R3 000 per family, per month.

HealthReturns are paid per R630* medical aid contribution, excluding late joiner penalties.

Note: *The HealthReturns payable for Momentum Medical Scheme members will be per R630 medical scheme contribution from 1 January 2022 and per R665 medical scheme contribution from 1 September 2022.

How to earn HealthReturns

It is very easy to start earning HealthReturns. As a Momentum Medical Scheme member, you enjoy one free health assessment per year through the Health Platform Benefit.
View Health Platform Benefit

The health assessment, together with your smoking status is your first step to earning HealthReturns and will determine your Healthy Heart Score. Your Healthy Heart Score gives you an indication of how healthy your heart is. The healthier your heart is, the better your score and the higher your returns.

Your score can be green, amber or red. Based on your results, Momentum may recommend further assessments. If you go for these assessments and follow the treatment protocols, this would be the second step to earning HealthReturns.

The third step requires you to be physically active. Your physical activity (which is measured by the number of Active Dayz™), combined with your Multiply Premier status, medical aid contribution and Healthy Heart Score, will determine how much you can earn.

Multiply ActivityBooster for under 30s

New Multiply members on Momentum Medical Scheme, qualify for the Multiply ActivityBooster. This unlocks additional HealthReturns which they can earn while they get familiar with the programme and improve their Multiply status. This benefit is available to members under 30 years, for their first two years on Multiply Premier.

A table showing how new Multiply Premier and Momentum Medical Scheme members can qualify for the ActivityBooster to earn more rewards.

New Multiply members qualify for the ActivityBooster, helping them achieve R280 maximum HealthReturns per R630 contribution that members under 30 can earn per month.

Note: *The HealthReturns payable for Momentum Medical Scheme members will be per R630 medical scheme contribution from 1 January 2022 and per R665 medical scheme contribution from 1 September 2022.


Child wearing a red jacket, blue jeans and sneakers having fun in the rain and jumping in a puddle of water.

Kids can also earn rewards

An easier way for families to reach their monthly maximum of R3 000 in HealthReturns. Child dependants on the Incentive, Extender and Summit Options can earn HealthReturns, if the family is on Multiply Premier and all adult dependants on the membership are earning HealthReturns.

Children younger than 16 earn KidsReturns+ based on the adult that has the lowest combined Healthy Heart Score and activity level in the family.

Children 16 to 20 earn their own activity level as follows:

Burning 300 calories in a session or taking 10 000 steps a day. Tracked through the FitVault App.
Gym visits at Virgin Active and Planet Fitness provided that one of the parents on the membership is a member at the selected gym. Or children can download the FitVault App and visit a Multiply affiliated gym.
Using the FitVault App to track activity at Parkruns, Racetec events, and any qualifying events that are logged via EntryTime.

Activating the KidsReturns benefits

Members need to complete their child’s health profile when they log into This is valid for 12 months and would need to be updated on a yearly basis to ensure that the child will continue to earn HealthReturns.


Your HealthReturns will be paid into your HealthSaver+ in the middle of each month.

Want to know more?

For more information relating to HealthReturns, download the brochure below.

+You may choose to make use of additional products available from Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited (Momentum), to seamlessly enhance your medical aid. Momentum is not a medical scheme and is a separate entity to Momentum Medical Scheme. The complementary products are not medical scheme benefits. You may be a member of Momentum Medical Scheme without taking any of the complementary products.

Want a quote?

You'll get a quote reflecting the medical aid contribution at the end of the process.

Need advice?

An accredited healthcare consultant will call you to discuss our medical aid options and benefits.

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