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A man riding a red jet ski making a circle shape on the blue ocean water.

Watercraft Insurance

With Momentum’s Watercraft Insurance, we’re all hands on deck to give you great cover from sea to shore for your motorboats, ski boats, and wet bikes. So, we will not let unfortunate events leave you washed up on shore.

  • Cover tailored to your Watercraft insurance needs .
  • We reward you with cashbacks for being safe.
  • You get free 24/7 emergency assistance.

Why Watercraft Insurance is important

It protects you financially in the event that you damage or your watercraft is stolen.

You’re covered while ashore, afloat or during transportation, and you’re protected for liability to other people if you cause bodily injury or damage to their property. It’s necessary to insure your watercraft for its market value, to qualify for appropriate reimbursement in the event of a claim.

Momentum’s Watercraft Insurance

We’re here for you to keep your boat afloat when the waves get rough.

What we cover

Any motorboat, ski boat or wet bike which consists of the hull, motors, machinery, equipment, standard fittings and accessories that would normally be sold with it. Please note that the trailer that you carry your watercraft on must be insured under Car Insurance.

Where we cover you

Your watercraft is only covered if it’s used exclusively for private and social purposes in the following countries and instances:

An orange motorboat on the shore of the sea with the calm ocean in front of it.


We’ll cover you while ashore in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

A red and white yacht at sunset, anchored on the calm sea with mountains in the background.


We’ll cover you while afloat on inland waters, as well as coastal waters that are within a 20km distance off the coast of South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia.

A long, multiple highway bridge that has been built to go over an island in the sea. In the sea a motor boat is speeding along.

During transportation

Your watercraft is covered while being transported.

What incidents we protect you from

We’ll cover you in the following cases, subject to the maximum amounts payable and the validity of a claim

Loss or damage

You’re covered whether it’s caused accidentally or intentionally. This includes theft, hijacking, attempted theft or hijacking, as well as fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, hail, flood or snow.


We’ll cover loss or damage to motors, machinery or batteries and their connections, but only if the craft sinks, burns, collides, or is stranded.

Medical costs

We’ll cover the medical costs for any person injured on the craft, following an incident for which you can claim.


We’ll cover your watercraft’s accessories whether in use or when stored with the watercraft, up to the value noted on your schedule.

Liability to other people

We’ll cover you and members of your household for legal liability following a watercraft accident, which caused death or bodily injury to other people, or damage to their property.

Sails and protective covers

We’ll cover sails and protective covers, which are split or blown away by wind, but only in the case of the craft being stranded, or if the spars to which they are fastened are damaged.

Salvage costs

After an incident for which you can claim, we’ll pay the costs to reduce or prevent further damage to your craft, as well as efforts of trying to find your craft if it’s stranded, collides or sinks.

Our Watercraft Insurance Benefits

Gaining your trust in everything we do is important to us so that we can deliver on time, every time, with the best solutions.

Close up of a blue nautical mooring rope with a knotted end tied around a cleat on a wooden pier.

We keep to our word

Anyone can sell insurance. But, we make sure that what we say we’ll do, we do.

Bright red coloured lifebuoy ring attached to the side of a boat used in an emergency when someone accidently falls overboard while sailing.

You’re always top of mind

We genuinely care about each client and will make sure to provide the best quality products and services.

SUV safely traveling along a road in a mountainous area on a bright, sunny day while towing a motor boat on a trailer down to the shoreline.

Momentum Explorer

An additional product to protect your 4x4 that carries your watercraft when travelling to neighbouring countries.

How we reward you

We offer you simple ways to get rewarded with Momentum Car and Home Insurance.

Red Momentum Multiply logo
Our world-class wellness and rewards programme

When you take out Momentum Car and Home Insurance, you automatically get Momentum Multiply Starter, the base tier of Momentum’s rewards programme. All you need to do is activate Safe Dayz™ on the Momentum App and complete the quick and easy Safety Score questionnaire, and you’re well on your way to earning cashbacks. You also get discounts from Multiply’s partners like Pick ‘n Pay, Mango and more.

Want to know more?

What if the address where the watercraft is kept, changes?

Always inform us immediately if the address of where the craft is kept changes to have continuous cover and a valid claim.

Can people other than the policy holder navigate the watercraft?

Yes, provided that any person navigating the craft is competent to do so and adheres to the terms and conditions of your policy as well as the rules and regulations applicable to the specific waters where the craft is used.

I’m not sure if my boat can be insured. Where can I check this?

You can call us at 0860 006 784 or send an email to [email protected] and a Momentum Short-term adviser will assist you.

What additional cover options can I take when travelling?

With Momentum Explorer, you can insure your watercraft when you travel for leisure within South Africa, or to these neighbouring countries: Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Will my watercraft be covered if it used for business purposes?

The craft is only covered if it is used exclusively for private or social purposes.

Want a quote?

Click the button below and follow the quick steps to get a short-term insurance quote.

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