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Home Contents Insurance

Get the assurance that all the movable items in your home and outbuildings, no matter how big or small, are covered. We value what you value, and that’s why we insure your valuables.

  • Tailored to your Home Contents Insurance needs.
  • We reward you with cashbacks for being safe.
  • You get free 24/7 emergency assistance.

Why Home Contents Insurance is important

It provides protection against theft or damage to items in your home.

You might have heard the example that when you flip your house upside down and shake it, whatever falls out is what you can insure under Home Contents Insurance.

This includes items that always remain in your home, such as your furniture, electronics and appliances that belong to you or any members of your household who live with you. It also includes contents in your garages, domestic quarters, storerooms and outbuildings, as well as all your garden and leisure equipment.

How much cover you need

You should be covered for the amount that it will cost to replace all your current possessions with new ones.

To make sure that your home contents are fully protected and not underinsured, it’s important to accurately calculate the value of all your possessions. The best way to do this is to move from room to room in your house and list everything you consider a possession, not just your most valuable items.

Items in your home you may need to consider

Bedrooms, study and entertainment areas
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Audio, video and computer equipment
  • Linen, towels and blankets
Kitchen and laundry
  • Freezer, fridges and its contents
  • Cutlery, crockery and glassware
  • Kitchen appliances (e.g. microwave, dishwasher)
  • Cleaning equipment (e.g. iron, vacuum)
  • Laundry appliances (e.g. washing machine)
  • Electrical appliances
  • Furniture (e.g. beds, drawers and sofas)
  • Loose-standing lighting
  • Curtains and loose carpets
  • Heaters and aircons
  • Sporting equipment
  • Garden and leisure equipment

Momentum’s Home Contents Insurance

What we cover

We cover all personal possessions in your home that belong to you and members of your household who live with you. These specifically refer to items that remain in your home, and do not leave your home when traveling. This includes cover for loss or damage to household goods temporarily removed from your home.

What incidents we protect you from

Any loss or damage that occurs from burglary, fire, explosion, acts of nature, subsidence, and burst pipes and geysers.

Our benefits include

All benefits are subject to the maximum amounts payable and the validity of the claim.

Momentum Assist is free for you

With Home Contents Insurance, you get free 24-hour home-, vehicle-, medical- and legal assistance in an emergency.

Liability as a tenant

If you’re renting, we’ll cover the costs in case you are legally liable to pay your landlord for any accidental loss or damage to the building where you live.

Accidental loss or damage to others’ property

We’ll cover the costs in the case of accidental loss or damage to others’ property, excluding people that aren’t members of your household or your domestic employees.

Costs of fire brigade

If you call out the fire brigade when there’s a fire, we’ll make sure to cover the costs.

Your temporary accommodation costs

When you temporarily need a place to stay, following a loss, we will make sure you find a home away from home.

Accidental death or bodily injury

We’ll cover the costs in the case of accidental death or bodily injuries, excluding people that aren’t members of your household or your domestic employees.

Bonus benefits


If there’s a power failure, we’ll cover the spoiled contents of your fridge and freezer in the case of power surges and dips.

Locks and keys

We’ll cover you for damage or loss to your home’s locks, keys and remote controls.

Injuries to your pet

If your pet is injured from a motor accident at home, we’ll cover veterinary costs.

Optional cover at an additional cost

Loss or damage during transportation

In the unfortunate event of your items being stolen or damaged during transportation when you move, you’ll be covered.
Accidental breakage cover

You are covered if something in your home breaks accidentally, for example, if your pet knocks over your priceless vase.
Comprehensive subsidence cover

Insurance that protects you when the land on which your property sits, sinks or caves in.
Goods used for business purposes

To ensure that all the possessions you use for business purposes are covered, so that you’re fully protected when life doesn’t exactly go as planned.
Theft cover for unoccupied buildings

Your home and all the things in it are protected from theft when it’s unoccupied for more than 60 days.
Veld fire liability

It covers you and others against damage or bodily injury caused by a veld- or forest fire.

Home Contents vs. Personal Belongings Insurance

Home Contents Insurance covers your home and personal belongings limited to your risk cover address. There is no need to specify the amount of your personal belongings as items have a limited percentage cover of the contents sum insured.

Once contents leave your home, they’re no longer covered under Home Contents Insurance, and fall under Personal Belongings/All Risk, these items will need to be specified to ensure adequate cover.

Items covered by Personal Belongings Insurance
  • Specified bicycles (recreational and sporting).
  • Cell phones.
  • Contact lenses and prescription glasses.
  • Jewellery and watches.
  • Portable possessions you might carry on a day-to-day basis, like your handbag or sunglasses.
  • Specified portable computer equipment like laptops, tablets, and iPads.
  • Photographic equipment like cameras, lenses, tripod stands.
  • Travel luggage.
  • Wearable devices.
  • Luxury items like your designer clothing, shoes and handbag, or a family heirloom.

Our Home Contents Insurance benefits

Momentum Home Insurance offers you more than just great protection for your valuables.

Woman wearing jeans, t-shirt and working gloves sitting on the floor in front of a plug checking the electrical outlet for a current using a multimeter.

Free 24/7 home assistance

You can rely on Momentum Assist to be there for you when you have a home emergency.

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Cash backs to treat yourself

You can earn up to 30% of your Car Insurance premiums back in cash every year, even if you claim, as part of your Momentum Multiply benefit.

A financial adviser and client hold a meeting and are sitting across each other, with a laptop and day planner on the table between them.

You get expert advice

We give you expert advice before you take up any of our products - so you’ll know the product as well as we do.

How we reward you

We offer you simple ways to get rewarded with Momentum Car and Home Insurance.

Red Momentum Multiply logo
Our world-class wellness and rewards programme

When you take out Momentum Car and Home Insurance, you automatically get Multiply Starter, the base tier of Momentum’s rewards programme. All you need to do is activate Safe Dayz™ on the Momentum App and complete the quick and easy Safety Score questionnaire, and you’re well on your way to earning cashbacks. You also get discounts from Multiply’s partners like Pick ‘n Pay, Mango and more.

Want to know more?

Are jewellery and watches regarded as home contents?

No, these must be specified under Personal Belongings Insurance.
If I take items covered under Home Contents Insurance out of the house, will it still be covered?

Yes, we will cover you for loss or damage to household goods temporarily removed from your home, like your coffee machine or decoder etc. The cover provided is limited to 10% of contents sum insured.
What happens if I move?

Always inform us of a change of address to have continuous cover and a valid claim.
What happens if I let or sublet a home with my home contents inside?

You will need to inform us of this for continuous cover and a valid claim.

Want a quote?

Click the button below and follow the quick steps to get a short-term insurance quote.

Need advice?

Discuss the benefits of having Home Contents Insurance with us.

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