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Momentum GF Global Sustainable Equity Fund

The fund is a US Dollar denominated global equity portfolio giving you exposure to a diversified basket of developed market equities, and is suited to investors with a high-risk profile and a long-term investment horizon.

The fund is actively managed using a systematic multi-factor enhanced index approach to selecting stocks, aiming to deliver long term capital growth and outperformance against its benchmark, the MSCI World NR Index, over a rolling 3-year period. The fund also integrates sustainable ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria into its stock selection and aims to have a better overall ESG rating and environmental footprint (lower carbon emissions, waste generation and water consumption) than its benchmark. The underlying equities are accessed through one of the pioneers in quantitative investment strategies and ESG integration, Robeco, an asset manager based in Rotterdam.

The Momentum GF Global Sustainable Equity Fund is managed by Momentum Global Investment Management (MGIM), our London office. MGIM was established in the UK in 1998, as a specialist global investment manager. For more information on MGIM click here

Fund objectives

Asset class





7+ years

Understanding the investor’s risk profile

The fund’s enhanced index approach combines the best of active and passive management resulting in lower fees than traditional actively managed equity funds but with higher return potential. The fund is therefore suitable for cost-sensitive investors who want to generate long term capital growth by investing in a diversified Dollar-denominated global equity fund that actively integrates ESG criteria in the stock selection. Investors should be able to tolerate the heightened levels of volatility associated with equity funds.

Understanding the fund's risk profile

This portfolio invests in foreign securities which carries country specific risks, such as: potential constraints on liquidity and the repatriation of funds; macroeconomic risks; political risks; foreign exchange risks; tax risks; settlement risks; and potential limitations on the availability of market information.

Investments in a foreign currency exposes you to foreign exchange risk.

Fund manager

Momentum Global Investment Management (MGIM) is the day-to-day investment manager of the Momentum GF Global Sustainable Equity Fund. FundRock Management Company S.A is the management company. South African investors will be able to access this fund on the Momentum Wealth International (MWI) platform and other LISPs in future.

Andrew Hardy

Director of Investment Management

BSc (hons) Economics, University of Bath

Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA Institute

Managing the Momentum GF Global Sustainable Equity Fund since May 2020

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Lorenzo La Posta

Co-Portfolio Manager

MSc in Financial Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL

BSc in Physics Engineering, Polytechnic University of Milan

Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA Institute

Co-managing the Momentum GF Global Sustainable Equity Fund since May 2020

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Collective investment schemes disclosure

Always be responsible and read the disclosures before you invest. Each fund fact sheet contains fund-specific disclosure details. The pdf below is a consolidated version.

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