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MFP Outcome Matters

At our MFP Outcome Matters webinar held on 23 November 2021, our fund managers provided an overview of the economy and the markets, and how they navigate the current uncertain environment. It was followed by a thought-provoking talk about behavioural finance.


Business update

Martin Riekert

Fixed income update

Ian Scott

Fund of funds update

Jako De Jager and Ronnie Bornman

MFP model portfolios

Dean De Sousa

SA financial personality assessment

Paul Nixon

Closing and embracing better advice outcomes

Anton Swanepoel


MFP Quarterly Session

At our second MFP quarterly virtual session held on
23 and 24 August 2021 our economist and fund managers gave an overview of economics and markets, fund positioning and returns from our multi-asset-class funds (fund of funds and model portfolios) as well as our fixed income range.

Event presentations

Watch our experts share their insights.

Event presentation thumbnail


Unequal hit, uneven recovery

Sanisha Packirisamy

Focus fund of funds returns update

Jako de Jager and Ronnie Bornman

Central banks compared to the bond market

Ian Scott

Update on MFP Focus model portfolios

Dean De Sousa

Previous event

At our MFP Outcome Matters webinar held on 29 July 2021, we announced that Momentum Financial Planning has joined forces with Momentum Investments’ UK-based investment business, Momentum Global Investment Management (MGIM), to provide our financial advisers with a truly global investment offering that fits directly into the MFP investment planning philosophy.

Event presentation thumbnail

Watch the previous event presentations

The importance of offshore diversification

Eugene Taljaard

In this video about Momentum Global Investment Management, we share with you who we are, how we invest, what makes our investment philosophy unique and why we believe you should invest with us.

Event presentation thumbnail

A panel discussion with the MGIM team:

The global investment offering you
cannot ignore

The benefits of
using MWI

Marius Cilliers

How we are equipping you on the MFP global house view

Natalie Harrison

A refresher on
digital matters

Stefan Nel

Developing and enhancing Digital Solutions is a strategic focus area for Momentum Wealth. Our job is to make the business of doing business a more intuitive and integrated part of the investment journey.

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