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Breast cancer is difficult to wrap your head around. It steals time from loved ones and devastates those who are left behind. That’s why the drive for early detection is the key to saving lives. This is the 8th year that Momentum is proud to once again sponsor the annual Momentum One Day International PinkDay to raise awareness about the early detection of breast cancer. It’s also an acknowledgment and celebration of those who have survived breast cancer, while honouring the loved ones who lost their battle with this disease. All proceeds raised will go towards the Breast Care Unit at the Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg.

Meet the Momentum Force team. A space for honest conversation around cancer awareness and education.

Pink is a bold declaration

The Wanderers Stadium was painted pink when South Africa hosted England for the annual Momentum One-Day International fixture on Sunday, 9 February, 2020. It was a declaration that united cricket fans and our nation in raising awareness and funds for breast cancer.

Breast cancer facts all South Africans need to know

Women are 100 times more likely to develop breast cancer than men.

The older the woman, the more likely she is to get breast cancer.

Lifestyle factors like alcohol intake, lack of physical activity and obesity increases your chances of developing breast cancer.

Women who’ve had radiation for a lymphoma have an increased chance of developing breast cancer.


Knowledge is the key to success

February is all about empowering women and men with the information they need to lower their cancer and health risks by recognising early warning signs.

Women who do routine breast self-exams, adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain their physical fitness can reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

4 young ladies seated in a row wearing pink t-shirts with pink ribbons on.

Momentum Force – a space for honest conversation

We’ve created The Momentum Force, a group of individuals who have diverse experiences around cancer. This team includes medical professionals including an oncologist, psychologist, nutritionist and family members who’ve been directly affected by the disease. The Force has been tasked to educate South Africans about breast cancer and create a space for honest conversation.

If you’re a partner, friend or family member of someone with breast cancer, follow #CoveredAndProtected and #MomentumShift to join the conversation and fight against breast cancer.

Young lady dressed in a blue denim top, wearing glasses and a red scarf tied around her head smiles as she looks at her cell phone.

Be covered and protected

Momentum’s 2018 claim statistics show that almost 50% of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer were aged between 30 and 49 years.

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Critical illness cancer cover

Everyone defines success their own way. Don’t let a serious illness like cancer stop you from achieving your goals.

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Momentum Force

There are many myths and misconceptions around breast cancer. We’re here to move you from the unknown to the known and help you successfully navigate this topic by empowering you with the right information. Momentum Force - we’re here for you. Watch the video.

The Force

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