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Intermediary coaching programme

The Momentum Intermediary Coaching Programme gives financial advisers the skills required to adopt a coaching approach when engaging with their clients. The programme is proudly brought to you by Momentum in collaboration with ASISA and Fundhouse. If you’re a financial adviser who wants to grow your success, then this programme’s for you. The programme will:

  • Equip you on how to use a coaching approach to help your clients make important decisions about their life and money.
  • Help you understand the money psyche of your clients with highly developed interpersonal skills.
  • Assist you in empathising with your clients on their journey to financial success.

Reserve your seat!

Register by 18 January for the online course starting on 2 February 2021.

The financial advisory environment is changing

The traditional approach to financial advice, with a focus on sales and products, is no longer enough in the new financial advisory landscape. To survive and thrive, financial advisers will need to focus on what they know best, but also become coaches to their clients.

Etienne Gouws, CEO of Momentum Distribution Services, talks about Momentum’s Intermediary Coaching Programme, aimed at equipping financial advisers with the skills to transition to a new way of guiding their clients on their journey to success.

Two financial advisers dressed in smart suits walking along a street and chatting to each other.

A coaching approach to financial planning

Simply knowing and understanding the financial services industry and investment landscape is no longer enough in our modern world.

The best financial advisers act as coaches for their clients throughout their lifetime. Sometimes that means focusing less on the future and more on the here and now by helping clients put the pieces in place for long-term success.

The successful financial adviser of the future will have the ability to speak to the mind, emotions and actions of their clients enabling them to reach their financial goals. The key outcomes of the programme are designed to assist your client’s with:

Investment decision making Understand what drives investment decision-making by both clients and financial advisers and how optimal decisions can be facilitated.
Financial planning using a coaching-approach Understand the benefits of adopting a coaching approach when engaging with your clients in the financial planning process.
Difficult decision-making Understand what’s involved in implementing a coaching approach with your clients by understanding the role of emotions in the
decision-making and financial planning process; and how it can help build trust that leads to effective action.
Trusting you with their money decisions Develop relevant conversational skills and insights, enabling you to have effective coaching conversations with your clients.
Making integrated money decisions Understand how, by integrating a coaching approach into the financial planning process, you can help your clients make integrated decisions about their life and money.

A different learning experience

Register before 18 January 2021 for the 12-month online programme starting on 2 February 2021. The programme consists of:


Six one-day group workshop sessions


Six half-day group coaching sessions


Six two-hour check-in sessions

Theoretical and practical modules

  1. Coaching theory and practice
  2. Behavioural finance and investments
  3. Communication theory and practice
  4. Human psychology
  5. Life planning
  6. Financial planning

Meet your coaches

Rob MacDonald

Programme facilitator

  • Extensive experience as a coach, consultant and facilitator
  • Part of the team that introduced Lifestyle Financial Planning to South Africa
  • Qualified financial adviser and coach

Roland Cox

Co-facilitator and presenter

  • Independent coach and consultant
  • Over 3 000 hours of coaching in 17 years
  • Has worked with financial advisers for over 10 years

Kim Potgieter

Co-facilitator and presenter

Mary Joe Emde

Co-facilitator and presenter

  • Co-founder of the Core of U
  • Lead trainer and master consultant with the NeuroLeadership Institute

Payment options

The programme cost is R19 800 (including VAT), which is also payable in 12 monthly instalments of R1 650 (including VAT) per month.

Need funding assistance?

Funding assistance is available to qualifying enterprises as defined by the Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) requirement in the Financial Sector Code.

Applicants will be required to complete an Application Form and follow a funding process which will be reviewed individually by a committee, after which both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be informed of the outcome.

Certificate of completion

At the end of the programme, you’ll receive:

  • A certificate of completion
  • At least 35 CPD points awarded by the FPI for FSCA purposes
  • A minimum of 5 Ethics CPD points/hours over a 12-month period

Ready to register?

Complete and send the registration form and requested documents to [email protected]

Got any questions?

Contact your Momentum Business Consultant (BC) or email us at [email protected]

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