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Give your tax momentum with TaxTim

It’s about time again to file your tax return. Tax season opens on the 1 of July 2022. TaxTim makes it easy, quick, and convenient for you to submit your tax return in compliance with SARS (South African Revenue Service) regulations. TaxTim is free to all Momentum clients and helps you file your taxes in a way that’s:

  • Quick and easy
  • Accurate and convenient
  • Saves you time

Maximise your possible refund this tax season

In our 3 years of partnership, TaxTim has processed over R150 million in refunds for Momentum clients and our employees, delivering on its promise. 80% of TaxTim users get a SARS refund. TaxTim asks questions that are designed to uncover all your available tax deductions to reduce your tax. Learn how to become more tax-smart by making sure you’re not paying too much tax by overlooking common tax rebates, like the home office deduction and contributions towards a retirement annuity. When you file your tax return with TaxTim, you can maximse your possible refund.

Use the SARS TaxTim calculator to work out your possible tax refund. Sign-up for TaxTim tax deadlines, news, and tips to stay up to date with the latest developments from SARS.

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Find out how you can make your tax work for you

When you file with TaxTim, you receive a Tax Health Score that shows your tax efficiency. Share your Tax Health score with your financial planner and get tips on how you can become more tax savvy. Accelerate your journey to financial success, and if you are a Multiply client, you can receive 100 points. Get #AdviceForSuccess today and find out how you can make your tax work for you.

Accelerate your journey to success

When you use TaxTim you get a range of benefits that help you on your journey to success.

Your Information is secure Your personal data is always kept secure. Absolutely no compromise.
Tax experts on hand TaxTim is maintained by registered tax practitioners, who can help you with those slightly more complicated tax questions.
Fully Integrated with SARS Once TaxTim is authorised , they import your IRP5 data and file your tax return directly with SARS. So, you can file with confidence.

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