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Young lady smiling while engaging FinEazy’s chatbot on her cell phone.

Get smart about your money with FinEazy

FinEazy’s chatbot will engage with you, offering you bite-sized financial content and education.

  • Easily accessible through smart phones with
    Facebook (FB) Messenger and Web Interface.
  • Minimal data rates apply.
A hand holding up a cell phone with a trail of chats between a user and a FinEazy chatbot.

Your learning is personalised

Because we know that every person learns in a different way, and at a different time, we use machine learning to give you a unique learning experience. It’s as easy as texting a friend.

Sign up for FinEazy and you could win a two-week work experience

The prizes include a smartphone and a paid two-week work experience with FinEazy that involves:

  • Working on your own project
  • Exposure to all areas of the business
  • Daily engagement with a multi-national team
  • Coaching and mentorship from the CEO
  • Recommendations to boost your CV
  • Remote work - you can be based anywhere
Start engaging with FinEazy on Facebook Messenger or on the
FinEazy Web Interface.

Momentum supports financial literacy programmes

At Momentum, we aim to enable members of society to make informed financial decisions. We believe in empowering our communities through financial education to help them throughout their life journey. That’s why we’ve partnered with FinEazy’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that teaches you about your finances; right from the basics, like how a bank account works.

FinEazy’s founding story

FinEazy is a mission-driven technology venture improving financial literacy in Africa. It was founded by Monique Baars – a South African entrepreneur who believes it is part of human dignity to make good, informed financial decisions. It began as a ‘passion project’ for her while she was doing her MBA in 2017 and exploring fintech opportunities in Africa.

Close up of Monique Baars,  founder of FinEazy, smiling.

Monique found that the more research she did, and the more people she spoke to, the clearer it became: financial illiteracy is not only the greatest barrier to sustainable financial inclusion, it also affects millions of people every single day. Yet finance was hardly taught in a simple, engaging and accessible way. Until now.

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