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Protect your legacy with our Estate Provider Benefit

Momentum's Estate Provider Benefit ensures that there is enough money in your estate to help settle the professional fees charged during the administration process of winding up an estate.

Ensure that your estate is attended to properly and efficiently and that your family isn’t left with executor fees and other cash shortfalls when you pass away.

Speak to a financial adviser today about the advantages of Momentum's Estate Provider Benefit.

Leave a stable financial
future for your
loved ones

Death is traumatic and emotional for those left behind. You’ve dedicated your life to make sure your loved ones are taken care of, and you don’t want them to worry about finances because of cash shortfalls in your estate.

Life should continue for your loved ones when you are no longer there, because you planned with your financial adviser, and have:

  • An estate plan in place ensuring there’s enough money in your estate
    to help settle the professional fees charged during the administration
  • Life Insurance that pays out when you die.

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Why don’t most of us know about the real cost of death?

Most likely because we don’t talk enough about death to begin with. None of us want to deal with the idea of the end of our life or that of a loved one.

But talking about death won’t kill us. Not talking could mean leaving our families with an unexpected financial burden.

From taxes to executor fees, Momentum Trust’s unparalleled service guarantees that your legacy lives on.

Estate planning

Ensures your loved ones will use their inheritance the way you intended so your legacy is protected and that your success doesn't die with you.

A financial adviser explains the benefits of Estate Provider Benefit to her client.

Will drafting services

Having an executable Will helps facilitate a quicker, more effective winding up of your estate.
Draft your free online Will, speak to a Momentum financial adviser or email [email protected] to find out more about the benefits of having a Will.

A lady, wearing eye glasses, busy with the paperwork and administration of a deceased estate.

Deceased estate administration

Ensure you have an expert to execute your Will professionally as per your last wishes.
Our executors will guide you through the complex and time-consuming deceased estate administration process.

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