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We’re here to assure you that your life is covered

  • There are no exclusions on any of our Myriad Life Insurance benefits (life, critical illness and disability cover) with regard to COVID-19. Your cover remains intact, regardless of where you’ve travelled or intend to travel. We will continue paying all valid claims.
  • Income Protection Cover - Until further notice, and in an effort to contain the spread of the virus, confirmed cases of acute COVID-19 infection will be treated as a defined event for a 10 day guaranteed pay-out. This will be applicable to clients who selected a 7-day waiting period. If clients are medically booked off for longer periods, they may qualify for additional pay-outs. Only a PCR test result will be considered in support of an acute infection claim. The automatic 10 day pay-out is a one-time concession and is a temporary measure that can be reviewed at any time. It should not be viewed as a permanent change to the contractual terms and conditions. View our guidelines on how to submit an income protection claim.
  • Critical Illness Cover - Contracting COVID-19 is not a defined critical illness event but, should it result in a critical illness, it will be assessed under the normal critical illness claims criteria.
  • Disability Cover - Contracting COVID-19 is not a defined disability event, but should it result in a disability, it will be assessed under the normal disability claims criteria.
  • Life Cover - If a client dies as a result of COVID-19, the death claim will be paid.

To remain covered and protected, we’re encouraging our clients to maintain their life insurance payments, and to seek the advice of their financial adviser before not paying or canceling their life insurance.

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