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Momentum Unisa Financial Wellness

About our financial wellness

In 2012 Momentum, teamed up with the University of South Africa (Unisa) with the aim of providing purposeful collaboration towards financial wellness in South Africa. This collaboration saw the introduction of:
  • The Momentum Unisa Household Financial Wellness Index, undertaken annually.
  • The Momentum Unisa Household Wealth Index, undertaken quarterly.
This is the first independent, credible and comprehensive research of its kind in South Africa and the findings present an invaluable and unprecedented benchmark in understanding the state of the nation's financial wellness. In 2016 Momentum's collaborative support was extended to include the:
  • Momentum Unisa Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index (CFVI)
  • Momentum Unisa Employee Financial Vulnerability Index (EFVI)
  • Momentum Corporate Effectiveness Employee Index (EEI)
These three indices are supported by Momentum Corporate. Researched and presented in collaboration with Unisa, the indices provide financial services professionals and consumers with a meaningful overview to better understand and interpret the current state of financial wellness of South African households. It also provides policy makers with the insights needed to improve the financial wellness of their households.

Household Financial Wellness Index

Household Wealth Index

Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index

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