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All Momentum website users have equal access to content and functionality that is created using the best design and development techniques.

Our website complies with best-practice accessibility standards. This means that all users can enjoy an intuitive, simple and meaningful interaction with us, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. This website provides:

  • Resizable fonts and images: Users with poor eye sight can enlarge text and images for easier viewing.
  • High contrast text: Users can change the website's background colour to make text more visible. Links that are underlined or set in different colours make it easier for colour-blind users to navigate on our website.
  • Descriptions on images: Our website's use of image text-labels and expressively named links, allow blind users to use text-to-speech software or text-to-Braille hardware.
  • Simplified mark-up: This allows users to select a plain-text version of our website's content, to improve the accuracy of their screen readers.
  • A navigation layout that matches HTML: This makes it easier for users, with cognitive difficulties, to read with screen readers. Users, who cannot use a mouse and standard keyboard, can still navigate on our website using only a keyboard, or a single-switch access device.
  • Plain language: Our content is written in plain language to help users, especially those with dyslexia and learning difficulties, to understand it better.

We have done our best to make sure our website has been correctly built and maintained so that all users can be accommodated.