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Specialised estate planning

We provide a specialised estate planning service that incorporates holistic estate structuring and planning. This is to realise your asset protection and succession planning needs in a tax-efficient manner.

Our services include

  • Management, protection and distribution of your wealth according to your specific wishes.
  • Guidance with how best to structure your offshore and onshore assets.
  • Assistance with your trust and company structures.
  • Advice on how to purchase property based on future inheritance objectives, company succession and business insurance.

Specific areas of focus

  • Tax efficiency - efficient structuring of assets for tax purposes, making sure that your assets are not subject to unnecessary income tax, capital gains tax and estate duty after your death.
  • Tax advice - we review your entire estate for tax effectiveness, considering your unique circumstances to determine the best approach for your needs. We also provide input on tax-related matters such as the local and international tax implications of purchasing property, artwork and other valuable assets, as this may impact your family and business after your death.
  • Exchange control - exchange control has an impact on estate planning advice whenever you have non-resident family members, assets situated offshore or if you intend to invest offshore. Each country follows its own laws in terms of estate legislation and often it's important to structure a will for onshore assets and a separate will or trust for offshore assets.
  • Business succession - when contemplating the future of your business, you must consider your company structure and whether it's the most appropriate vehicle for your business after your death. This could include separating trading assets from conventional investments, incorporating a professional partnership or establishing a buy and sell agreement.
  • Longevity - your estate plan must withstand changes to your personal and business circumstances over the long term.
  • Flexibility - we can help you to consider future needs and requirements and structure your estate to allow for your family's changing needs after your death, as well as flexibility to adapt to future legislative changes.

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Schedule of fees

We charge professional fees for a comprehensive range of estate planning, advisory and Momentum Trust services.

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