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Deceased estate administration

We provide an administration of deceased estates service, which involves:

  • The acceptance of the appointment as executor or executor's agent on deceased estates.
  • Attending to the winding up of the deceased estate as required by law.

At a difficult time for all families, we work with you and your financial adviser to make sure that we provide an efficient service.

What you need to know

The process of estate administration is often lengthy and complex as all debtors, creditors and beneficiaries have to be established and validated.

Our years of experience make sure that delays are avoided wherever possible, minimising the stress associated with settling and apportioning a deceased estate.

Our executors use regular communication channels to make sure beneficiaries, creditors, debtors and other stakeholders to an estate are kept fully informed of the progress.

The role of the executor

Only an executor, whose appointment has been confirmed by the Master of the High Court, may deal with the assets and liabilities of a deceased's estate.

Once executors have completed the estate administration process, as described in the Administration of Estates Act, they finalise the estate, which comprises distributing inheritances to the beneficiaries.

The duties of an executor are:

  • To collect all assets of the deceased estate.
  • To investigate and settle all debts against the estate after their validity has been confirmed.
  • To divide the balance of the assets among the rightful heirs and beneficiaries.

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