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Request my tax certificate

Struggling to access your tax certificate?

We're aware some of our clients are unable to open their tax certificates, and apologise for this inconvenience. The certificates we sent unfortunately don’t open in all browsers.

If you’re experiencing difficulty with viewing your tax certificate, please first download and save the certificate to your computer. Once saved, open the tax certificate from the saved location with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please use Adobe Acrobat 8 or a higher version. You can download or upgrade Adobe for free from https://get.adobe.com/reader/.

If you’re still unable to open your tax certificate, please give us a few days. We're working around the clock to fix it and will send you a copy of your tax certificate that will open without complications.

To access your most recent tax certificates, enter your 13-digit South African identity number.

Make use of TaxTim for free this tax season

The 2019 tax season for individuals opens on 1 July 2019.

Take the worry out of submitting your individual tax return by making the decision to use TaxTim.

When using TaxTim to complete your tax return, you will receive your individual tax health score – which can assist you in reaching your financial goals.

TaxTim is your personal, digital tax assistant who can help you submit your tax return with confidence - and it won’t cost you anything.

Free for all Momentum clients and Multiply members (including dependants covered), TaxTim will support you with your tax submission and also recommend where you can potentially be more tax-savvy.

What is TaxTim?

Think of TaxTim as your all-in-one tax practitioner who will help you complete and submit your tax return directly to Sars, saving you the hassle of having to use Sars eFiling yourself.

Why should I use TaxTim?

  • It's free for Momentum clients and Multiply members (including dependants covered)
  • You can avoid hiring a tax practitioner to file your taxes
  • You can complete your tax return quickly, easily and correctly
  • The service is fully integrated with Sars
  • You have tax experts on hand
  • You get the maximum possible refund
  • Your information is secure
  • It assists all individual taxpayers, even those who are commission-earners with a tax directive
  • You can complete your tax return in under 20 minutes, no matter how complicated
  • You will receive notifications on your tax return status and deadlines for submission
  • You can avoid tax penalties for non-submission
  • You get a Tax Score
  • Multiply members will earn points from July

What is a Tax Score?

TaxTim will give you a free Tax Score.

A Tax Score is an indicator of how tax-compliant you are. It helps you on your journey to financial wellness by giving you tax tips on how you can become more tax-efficient and how you could potentially pay less tax in the future.

This score will also help you with financial advice as it includes recommendations to help you improve your journey towards financial wellness.

Ready to file your taxes using TaxTim?

Stay on top of all your tax-related matters and register today. Visit the TaxTim website

Download your latest tax certificate

To make our clients’ tax filing process easier, we’ve phased out mailing tax certificates and have now stored them online where they can be accessed securely from the Momentum site.

Watch this video on how to download your tax certificates.

If you experience any problems with opening any attachment, please ensure that you have the latest Acrobat Reader installed on your computer and are using Internet Explorer. Download it free from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html. For further assistance, refer to our How to guide.