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Insurance for your watercraft

Watersports are a fun way to spend your leisure time, but they can become an expensive hobby.

With our watercraft insurance you are covered against theft or damage. We cover any motorboat, ski boat, wet bike, fittings and accessories.

The benefits you get

  • There is no need to nominate additional drivers as long as the individual navigating the craft is competent to do so, and adheres to the terms and conditions
  • You also have access Momentum explorer insurance for your Watercraft when traveling to neighbouring countries
  • The craft is only covered if it is used exclusively for private or social purposes

Additional benefits

  • No hidden costs - because our excess fees are fixed
  • Guaranteed premiums for 12 months - whether you claim or not.

More benefits

  • You are protected for any loss or damage of your watercraft during actual or attempted theft or hijacking
  • Watercraft Insurance also includes cover for loss of or damage to motors, machinery and batteries and their connections
  • You are covered if your watercraft is stranded, sinks, burns or is involved in a collision
  • You, members of your household and the driver are covered for legal liability where a watercraft accident causes death or bodily injury to other people or damage to their property

Get insurance cover that protects your personal valuables AND offers great benefits.

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