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Safety score

We feel most at ease when we are protected, safe and secure. Many of us go the extra mile to ensure that our loved ones and our most prized possessions are kept safe and out of harm’s way. Through My Safety Score, you can now be rewarded for simply being safe, and also earn a cash-back Safety Bonus of up to 20% on your yearly premiums. It’s the way forward!

By completing Safety Score, you get:

  • A cashback Safety Bonus of up to 20% of your Momentum Short-term Insurance premiums per year, even if you claim.
  • Multiply points and discounts to boost your Multiply status if you are a Multiply rewards and wellness programme member, plus discounts from our safety partners to improve your safety.
  • Practical recommendations to improve your safety.

Here's how it works…

  • Complete all fields of the Safety Score questionnaire.
  • If you are a Multiply member, you will get points for completing the questionnaire.
  • You will receive recommendations for safety and security.
  • If you validate your answers, you will get even more Multiply points.
  • Your score will be determined and your bonus calculated. Your bonus will be doubled if you have a Momentum Short-term insurance policy and are also a member of Multiply.

How your bonus is calculated

You have to validate some of your answers in a step-by-step process. You can do this by uploading proof of the safety measures you have installed in your respective environments. Examples of this could be:

  • A photo of the burglar bars on your windows at home.
  • An installation certificate of a vehicle tracking system.
  • Proof of payment for security measures purchased.

If you validate at least 50% of your score, your Safety Bonus will be activated. If you can't validate at least 50% of your score, you will not earn a bonus.

You will need to complete the Safety Score questionnaire on an annual basis to qualify for the bonus, as there is an expiry date on the questionnaire, but we will let you know when your questionnaire is up for renewal.

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Play the #EishHappens game for even more safety tips!

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