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Mobile apps

Tired of being put on hold while you wait to submit an insurance claim to a call centre agent?

No more. We put the power back into your hands with an exciting mobile application for smart phones. Whether you have a vehicle claim, geyser claim, emergency or you just need a checklist to remind yourself of what needs to be done before that well-deserved holiday, it's all here! You can use these applications to submit a claim and to ensure the safety of your loved ones. These are the available functionalities of the ShorTerm Client mobile application:

  • Help!: You can set up a predefined list of friends and family who will receive a customised message when you activate a panic. The panic sends a "help" SMS with your GPS coordinates to your contacts.
  • Arrive Safely: You can set a time delay of how long it will take you to reach your destination. Should you have an emergency on your trip, a customised message will be sent to your predefined contacts.
  • Stay Alert: This gives you a checklist functionality if you are travelling (for example, a to-do list).
  • Vehicle Accident Assist: You can use this feature to gather relevant information at the accident scene by scanning yours and the third party's licence and driver discs. You can also record the conversations at the scene; add your case number after reporting the incident to the police and take photos of the damaged vehicles. Then you save your information and submit your claim through to Momentum Short-term Insurance. With this functionality, you also have access to the company's emergency service assistance when you need medical assistance, tow truck operators and more.
  • Report a claim: You can submit a claim for vehicle theft, windscreen, geyser and pipes, all-risk content (your portable possessions), household contents and building. You can also take photos of the relevant damage and submit your claim through to Momentum Short-term Insurance.

Good news is that your vehicle windscreen and hail claims have been fast tracked for you. This means that you can easily submit your claim, take photos and do your own assessment without having to speak to a call centre adviser. You will then receive an SMS with all the details of when and where you should take your vehicle to be fixed.

  • Invite My Dependants: If you are concerned about the safety of your loved ones, this feature is ideal. You can invite your loved ones via email or SMS, enter their details and they will receive a code to download the application and access the functionality. Your dependants will also have access to the following features of the app: Help!, Arrive Safely, SafeTrack, My Emergency Contact List, Stay Alert, Invite My Dependants.
  • SafeTrack: This family locator works to set a safe zone around your children/loved ones. Set the alert period to receive a notification if your dependant leaves the safe zone. Once your dependant leaves the safe zone, you will be notified. Part of the feature is “map view” which allows you to check your dependant’s current location, as well as hospitals and police stations in specified safe zones.

For more about how it works and where to download the app, view our brochure.

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