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Mobile app

A mobile app for safety and convenience

Access to Momentum car and home insurance is easy with a free personalised app that brings you safety and convenience. The Momentum app is designed with the latest technology, which consolidates your Momentum products, making it easy for you to view your portfolio and keep track of your financial wellness journey.

Insurance on your mobile device

The short-term insurance part of the Momentum app allows you to do the following:

  • Activate Safe DayzTM to earn cashback bonus.
  • Log in using your fingerprint on supported devices for more security.
  • Keep track of your monthly premium for every insured asset.
  • Get instant access to emergency assistance contacts.
  • Enjoy a much quicker claim experience on hail and windscreen damage.
  • Submit a claim against damage or loss of your insured vehicle.

Download the brochure to read more.

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