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Momentum Wealth investment solutions

We offer investment solutions that are specifically designed to meet your unique investment needs.

As Momentum Wealth we take the time to engage and strengthen our relationship with you. We undertake to fully understand and enumerate to meet your needs, desires and aspirations.

Through this relationship with you and our acquired expertise we can customise your investment needs to help you effectively manage, preserve and grow your wealth.

Speak to your financial adviser before you invest. Your financial adviser will help you decide if one or more of these investment products fit into your overall financial plan. If you don't have a financial adviser, leave your details and we will call you back.

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Our solutions
Momentum Wealth Portfolio Management Open

How can you invest in shares with Momentum Wealth?

We provide four different ways that you can invest in shares:

  • You can choose an equity collective investment scheme. These unit trusts invest according to their specific investment mandates. Your investment is pooled with other investors and given to the fund manager who will buy and manage a portfolio of shares for your benefit. They pay all the dividends they get from the investment portfolio to investors when they make distributions. These distributions are your share of the dividends and include any interest that they may have received.
  • You can invest in the Top 40 shares on the JSE through our platform.
  • We offer a personal share portfolio (PSP) investment component. A PSP is a managed share portfolio. We have different portfolio managers that you can choose from. We allow investments from R250 000, but some of our PSP providers have higher minimums that you must meet if you choose them as your investment manager.
  • If you want us to manage your PSP, we can do so. Wealth Portfolio Management manages three different model portfolios and can also manage bespoke PSPs. The minimum investment is R250 000 and R5 million for a bespoke portfolio.

Why should you invest in shares?

For more information on our portfolios, click on Equity Portfolio, High Dividend Yield Portfolio or the Asset Allocation Portfolio.

Momentum Factor Series Fund of Funds Portfolio Range Open

This investment series is aimed at investors looking for a compelling solutions-based offering that:

  • Targets specific investment return outcomes - over well-defined time horizons.
  • Has a robust asset allocation framework.
  • Ensures an optimal blend of investment strategies - and investment managers.

It enables you to invest in risk-profiled portfolios, accessing the most appropriate investment managers available in the market for each strategy.

It offers a range of packaged diversified strategies using manager of manager portfolios, based on innovative, post-financial crisis asset modelling.

The benefits you get:

  • Actively-managed investment solutions - constructed from an optimal blend of asset classes, strategies and investment managers. This means you will automatically benefit from ongoing appropriate and required investment manager and strategy changes.
  • Multi-asset class, multi-strategy and multi-manager solutions - aimed at producing real returns and growing the purchasing power of your investment
  • Model portfolio solutions - that comprise diverse asset allocation, rigorous investment manager selection, ongoing management and re-balancing.
  • Inflation-outperforming returns - as a core investment objective and part of the multi-manager solution, portfolios are aimed at achieving inflation-outperforming returns over appropriate time horizons.
  • Solution-based pricing - offering administration and portfolio management at one transparent price.

How it works

The portfolios are actively managed with the skills and expertise of MMI Group's multi-manager team, Momentum Manager of Mangers (Pty) Ltd, which previously was only available to large institutions. Momentum Manager of Mangers pioneered the multi-manager approach in South Africa, and manages about R50 billion of investments.

The company makes sure that the portfolios boast well-diversified blends of investment strategies, specifically designed to deliver robust targeted outcomes. The strategies range from capital growth-generating asset classes, like equity and listed property, to stability-focused strategies, with more defensive qualities, like inflation-linked bonds and absolute-return strategies.

Manager of Mangers also successfully addresses risk profiling to cater for a variety of investment needs, the portfolios allow you to select your preferred level of capital protection, combined with long-term growth. They achieve this by varying exposures to different asset classes - equity, bonds, property, cash and global investments - providing diverse and complementary attributes to each risk-profiled portfolio.

You can also find out more by downloading the Factor Series Fund of Funds Portfolio RangeTM brochure.

Momentum Positive Return fund Open

Negative equity markets can have a negative impact on your money and the return on your investments.

That is why Momentum Wealth's Positive Return Fund is an ideal choice in the current market uncertainty, if you are concerned about safeguarding your money.

How it works

With its conservative equity exposure, this fund aims to protect and grow your money. It has two distinct objectives:

  • Capital preservation - no negative investment returns over any rolling 12-month period, effectively protecting your money against the possibility that equity-type assets might fall in value.
  • Capital growth - to outperform inflation by at least 3.5% per annum (net return) over a rolling three-year period, achieving consistent positive returns by investing in a mix of interest-bearing and equity-type assets.

The Association of Savings and Investment in South Africa (ASISA) fund classifications characterise this unit trust fund as an Absolute Return.

You can also find out more by downloading the Momentum Positive Return Fund brochure.

Momentum Death Benefit Guarantee Open

Our Death Benefit Guarantee is an investment option that guarantees the value of your portfolio, during the year of death, despite a potential decline in financial markets.

Traditional investment principles such as patience and perseverance should pay off over time, but due to unforeseen circumstances such as untimely death you can not always control your time in the market.

Trends indicate there's a real need for more accuracy in estate planning. We now offer a solution in the form of the Death Benefit Guarantee.

The benefits you get:

Having worked hard to accumulate an investment portfolio, protecting your investment value against a potential market decline is now a possibility.

If the investment value at death is less than the value as at the prior anniversary date, we guarantee your investment value as at the anniversary date of this benefit.

  • A powerful planning tool for certainty - allows for accurate estate planning.
  • Add it at any time to an existing investment - you can select the benefit over a wide range of investments, at any time.

You can also find out more by downloading the Momentum Death Benefit Guarantee brochure.

Investment solutions for all life stages

Momentum Wealth funds

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