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My Savings Portfolio in a nutshell

It's a simple all-in-one savings solution that helps you to save for education, your retirement and dreams in a flexible way. And because rainy days happen, we include the Anytime Pocket that you can use if you want to have access to a portion of your savings money to pay for unexpected expenses or even planned purchases.

My Savings portfolio overview

You can

  • use different savings products to suit each of your goals.
  • choose from a list of investment funds managed by the best investment managers in South Africa to make your money grow.
  • decide whether you want to allocate a portion of your savings money to the Anytime Pocket if you want to have quick and easy access to cash for when rainy days happen.

You get to

  • set a goal date and goal amount for each savings goal.
  • personalise each of your goals if you want by giving it a name.
  • view your savings portfolio online at your convenience and track your progress towards achieving your goals.
  • make changes to your savings portfolio should your circumstances change.
  • pause, stop and re-start your contributions without penalty.
  • withdraw money from your Anytime Pocket at any time.

With secure and convenient online functionality, you are in control of your savings.

Contact your financial adviser to make sure that this savings portfolio fits in with your overall financial plan.

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