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My Savings Portfolio

Enjoy the rewards you want tomorrow by making smart decisions today.

Investing regularly and consistently means you can have the lifestyle you want and deserve. Be it for your children's education, a care-free retirement or that something special you just need to have.

How to save money?

When we find our motivation for spending less than what we earn, we can start to consider some saving strategies. Money to invest towards our savings goals will become available – not because someone forces us to save, but because it is important to us. Find your motivation to live financially well and, before you know it, it will be in your DNA to save and invest.

You can secure your financial future by investing as little as R500p/m My Savings Portfolio, or any one of our other flexible savings and investment products - find the best investment solution for your needs.

Invest your savings for...

Why don't we invest in South Africa?

Most people want to save for a brighter future but think that they do not have enough money available to save. Others just never get around to planning for it. Don’t leave it too late, request a call back and we will help you start saving today!

We can help you with My Savings Portfolio

It's a simple all-in-one savings solution that helps you to save for education, your retirement and dreams in a flexible way. And because rainy days happen, we include the Anytime Pocket that you can use if you want to have access to a portion of your savings money to pay for unexpected expenses or even planned purchases.

Need more information? Speak to your financial advisor, find a certified Momentum financial planner, read more about My Savings Portfolio in a nutshell, or simply get a call back: