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Saving for your future with an Investo Linked Investment

When you invest your money through a linked investment, you can expose it to growth assets like shares, which are essential in producing inflation-beating investment returns.

By giving your money time to grow you can also benefit from the power of compound growth.

The benefits you get

  • Contributions - you make regular contributions and can add lump-sum contributions at the start of your investment or any time during the term.
  • Tax efficiency - you are liable for any applicable tax in your personal capacity.
  • Flexibility - should you experience financial difficulty, you can skip up to 4 monthly contributions during the term of your investment by making use of contribution holidays. If you are not ready after 4 months, you can reduce or stop your contribution without a significant impact on your investment value at the time. But you should try and resume making contributions as soon as possible.
  • Loyalty bonus - if you remain invested until the end of your investment term, we will give back most of the fees we charged for administering your investment.
  • Access to financial markets - you can select from a range of investment funds that are managed by leading South African fund managers.

Speak to your financial adviser today to get more information about linked investments as an investment vehicle and how you can use the Investo Linked Investment as part of your overall plan to reach. If you don't have a financial adviser, find a certified financial planner to discuss how Momentum can help make your money grow.

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  • Entry age - no minimum age.
  • Initial savings term - minimum 5 years with the option to continue your investment.
  • Recurring contribution - R500 monthly minimum.
  • Ad hoc lump-sum contribution - R5 000 minimum.
  • Contribution growth - automatically increase your regular contribution at a certain percentage each year to combat the negative effect of inflation.