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Save on your medical aid contribution

You can save more than R800 on your medical aid contribution through our provider choice model.

  • If you're a member of our Custom, Incentive or Extender Options, you can pay lower monthly medical aid contributions, if you use Momentum Health's Associated providers
  • Associated providers include a network of private hospitals, as well as a network of GPs and pharmacies for chronic prescriptions and medication.
  • State healthcare facilities can also be used to receive your chronic benefits, which will reduce your monthly medical aid contributions.
How it works Open

Here's an example of how much you can save if you're a Custom Option member (contribution for single member).

In-hospital provider Out-of-hospital provider Contribution for a principal member Contribution saving%
Any Any R2 249 0%
Any Associated R2 074 8%
Any State R1 743 22%
Associated Any R1 885 16%
Associated Associated R1 750 22%
Associated State R1 366 39%
Total savings = R883 (39%) Open

It's the difference between Any/Any providers (R2 249) and Associated/State providers (R1 366). The actual amount you save depends on your medical aid option, the number of dependants on Momentum Health, as well as your choice of providers.

Please note Open

If you choose an Associated hospital as your preferred provider for Major Medical benefits, and do not use this healthcare provider, a 30% co-payment will apply on the hospital account. Momentum Health will be responsible for 70% of the negotiated tariff, provided authorisation would have been granted according to the rules of the Scheme.

If you choose an Associated chronic provider, you'll have to obtain any chronic prescription from an Associated GP and chronic medication from Medipost, subject to an entry-level formulary. If you choose to obtain your chronic prescription from a non-Associated GP, the Scheme will pay 50% of the Momentum Health Rate for the consultation.

Similarly, if you choose to obtain your chronic medication from a pharmacy other than Medipost, the Scheme will pay only 50% of the formulary price. If you choose State as your chronic provider, you must choose one of the designated State healthcare facilities to obtain your chronic medication, again subject to an entry-level formulary.

Changes to the choice of healthcare providers selected can only be exercised when option changes are done at the end of every year, to be effective from 1 January. Regardless of the choice of provider, the benefits available will remain the same.

We have agreements in place with healthcare providers ranging from hospitals to pharmacies and doctors

Ingwe Option Providers Open

On the Ingwe Option, members can choose between Any, Ingwe Network and State hospitals as their hospital provider, and Ingwe Primary Care or Ingwe Active Primary Care Network Providers for their chronic and day-to-day benefits.

The option provides dentistry and optometry benefits from a list of providers. A specific list of tariff codes are covered for dentistry, pathology and radiology.

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Impact Option Providers Open
Custom, Incentive, and Extender Option Providers Open

On the Custom, Incentive and Extender Options, members can choose between Any hospital or Associated hospitals as their hospital provider. For chronic treatment, members can choose between Any, Associated or State chronic provider.

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Incentive Option Read more
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Summit Option Providers Open
  • Members on the Summit Option may use any provider.

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