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As a Momentum Health member you can choose to make use of complementary products available from Momentum Group (Momentum), a division of Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited, to seamlessly enhance your medical aid. Momentum is not a medical scheme and is a separate entity to Momentum Health.

Momentum pays up to R3 000 per family per month in HealthReturns to Momentum Health members who go for an annual Health Assessment, comply with treatment protocols (where applicable) and are active. If, for instance, you are registered for a chronic condition, you need to ensure that you claim and use your chronic medication as prescribed, in order to earn HealthReturns. Your HealthReturns will be paid per R550 medical aid contribution that you pay, excluding late joiner penalties.

The Momentum HealthReturns programme gives Momentum Health members, excluding those on the Ingwe and Impact Options, access to:

  • Up to R3 000 per family per month,
  • Between 1 and 4 free GP visits per year (available to members on the Custom to Summit Options), and
  • Increased cover for in-hospital specialist treatment (available to members on the Incentive to Summit options).

If all adult members on the contract are earning HealthReturns, child dependants on the Incentive, Extender and Summit options qualify to earn KidsReturns, making it even easier for families to reach R3 000 in HealthReturns every month.

How you can earn HealthReturns

It is very easy to start earning HealthReturns. As a Momentum Health member, you enjoy one free Health Assessment per year through the Health Platform Benefit. This assessment is the first step to earning HealthReturns and will calculate your Healthy Heart Score.

Your Healthy Heart Score gives you an indication of how healthy your heart is. It shows you if you are causing long-term damage to your heart and your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. We use the results from your health assessment, together with your smoking status, to calculate your score. Your score can be red, amber or green. Based on your results, we may recommend further assessments.

If you go for these assessments and follow the treatment protocols, this would be the second step to earning HealthReturns. The third step requires you to be active. Your activity, combined with your Momentum Multiply Premier status, Momentum Health contribution and Healthy Heart Score, will determine how much you can earn. Your physical activity is measured by your number of Active Dayz™ in a month or by going for a fitness assessment.

An Active Day can be earned by:

  • 1 Momentum Multiply gym visit (provided the member belongs to Virgin Active, Planet Fitness, Curves, GO Health or affiliated gyms through Momentum Multiply)
  • Recording 10 000 steps in a day (through a device linked to the member’s Momentum Multiply profile)
  • Burning 300 calories in one exercise session (through a device linked to the member’s Momentum Multiply profile)
  • Completing a Parkrun and logging it on the FitVault app.
  • Participating in a qualifying event registered on Entrytime.

If multiple activities are performed on the same day, the activity that results in the best score will be used.

Standard HealthReturns are payable if you do not have both HealthSaver and Momentum Multiply Premier membership. It can be paid into your bank account or your HealthSaver account, if you have one.

Increased HealthReturns are payable if you have both the HealthSaver and Momentum Multiply Premier membership and choose to receive HealthReturns into your HealthSaver account.

The difference in Standard and increased HealthReturns is known as HealthReturns Booster funds. Booster funds are available to pay for claims once standard HealthSaver funds are depleted. The balance is carried over to the following year if not used and only forfeited if your Momentum Health or HealthSaver membership is cancelled.

Click here to calculate the amount you could earn in HealthReturns.

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HealthReturns in more detail Open

Momentum Health adult beneficiaries, except members on Ingwe and Impact, are eligible to qualify for HealthReturns. HealthReturns are paid by Momentum, and not by Momentum Health. Momentum only pays out HealthReturns if you're a beneficiary of Momentum Health during the month in which you qualified for HealthReturns.

Health Assessment

A Health Assessment is your 'entry ticket' into the HealthReturns programme. If the Health Assessment is done and we have received all the results, you are automatically entered into the programme.

Important conditions to note

  • No activity is rewarded before the month in which the Health Assessment results were received.
  • Activity is only rewarded once Momentum has received the full set of results (cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, waist circumference, height and weight) together with your smoking status. These measurements will be used to determine your body fat percentage. Please note; for those beneficiaries who do assessments at the gym, these assessments usually don't include cholesterol or blood sugar measurements and therefore don't qualify as a full Health Assessment until all the required test results have been received.
  • It's your responsibility to ensure that Momentum Health receives the Health Assessment results. If you have a Health Assessment done at Clicks and Dis-Chem, your results should be submitted electronically to Momentum. If the assessment is done at a GP or other pharmacy, the results aren't always sent to us and we can't activate your HealthReturns before these results are received.
  • Your Healthy Heart Score results are valid for 12 months. After 12 months, you will need to do the health assessment again to determine your new Healthy Heart Score. The 12-month period starts when all results are received.
  • Momentum Health's Health Platform benefit covers one Health Assessment annually per beneficiary.
  • You can earn HealthReturns while subject to a three-month waiting period, however, during this time, Momentum Health will not cover the cost of the Health Assessment or additional pathology tests that may be required.

Complying with further requirements

  • Once you have been for your Health Assessment, we may recommend further treatment or tests, such as glucose or cholesterol tests, that must be completed to continue earning HealthReturns.
  • Beneficiaries registered on a chronic management programme for a Chronic Disease List condition must comply with their prescribed treatment to continue earning HealthReturns.
  • You are considered to be compliant if you take your prescribed medication as prescribed by your treating doctor.
KidsReturns Open

Child dependants on the Incentive, Extender and Summit options can earn HealthReturns per R550 payable for their portion of the contribution, as long as the family is on Multiply Premier and all adult dependants on the membership are earning HealthReturns. This makes it even easier for families to reach the monthly maximum of R3 000 in HealthReturns.

Calculating KidsReturns

Activating the KidsReturns benefit

To activate the benefit, members need to complete their child’s health profile on This is valid for 12 months and would need to be updated on an annual basis to ensure that the child will continue to earn HealthReturns.

Fitness assessments Open

You can also go for a fitness assessment at a Multiply accredited biokineticist registered with BASA (Biokinetic Association of South Africa). The cost of the fitness assessment can be paid from HealthSaver if you have funds available.

The benefit of opting for a fitness assessment to determine your physical activity is that the results are valid for 6 months. Plus, the best result of either your fitness assessment or your Active Dayz™ for the month will count towards your HealthReturns.

In other words, if the result of your fitness assessment is good, but you had 16 Active Dayz™ for the month, then your HealthReturns will be based on the 16 Active Dayz™.

  • Your fitness assessment results will be sent to us by the biokineticist.
  • A fitness assessment is valid for 6 months from the month in which it was done (including the month in which it was done).
  • Your fitness assessment results determine the level of HealthReturns you will earn. HealthReturns earned via this method will be calculated based on the Physical Activity (FAPA score) component of the overall assessment.
  • HealthReturns are accrued on a monthly basis for the next six months.
Extra GP visits Open

If you maintain at least 12 Active Dayz™ per month for three consecutive months, have a green or amber Healthy Heart Score and have chosen to receive your HealthReturns into your HealthSaver account, you can also earn between one and four free GP visits for your family, depending on whether you are on the Custom, Incentive, Extender or Summit option. Please note that these GP visits need to be at the appropriate provider as per your option, and is valid for 12 months from the month in which it was earned.

RateBooster Open

The RateBooster benefit boosts in-hospital cover for specialists by an additional 100% of the Momentum Health Rate on the Incentive, Extender and Summit Options, which means that you will have more cover for in-hospital specialist treatment.

General Open

More on Active Dayz™

  • The best result on any given day of your steps recorded, gym visits, finishing a qualifying event or activity during which you burned 300 calories, will count towards your Active Dayz™. Therefore, if multiple activities are performed on the same day, the activity that results in the best score will be used.
  • Similarly, the best result of either your fitness assessment or your Active Dayz™ will count towards your HealthReturns.
  • You can only earn one Active Day per day.
  • It's your responsibility to download the steps or calories data on your device in the allocated time to ensure the correct HealthReturns are earned.


  • Your HealthReturns will be paid into your HealthSaver or bank account in the middle of each month.

HealthReturns Booster

  • If you are a Multiply Premier member and you have a HealthSaver account, your HealthReturns are increased. This is known as HealthReturns Booster. Please note that the increased payment only applies to the months in which you are a fully paid member of Multiply Premier with a HealthSaver account.
  • HealthReturns Booster funds will not be available in cash or for claims when the HealthSaver or Momentum Health membership is cancelled as it belongs to the administrator until a claim is made on an active HealthSaver contract.
  • HealthReturns Booster funds do not earn interest.

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