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Save up to 60% on life insurance premiums!

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Myriad, Momentum’s life insurance product, is a market leader in the industry. Hundreds of thousands of South Africans have chosen Myriad for their personal risk insurance or life insurance because of the flexibility and comprehensive cover it offers.

For more info visit Momentum Life Insurance.

Multiply Premier

You can get up to 60% off your monthly Momentum Myriad premiums. Your discount is calculated using the combined results of your Healthy Heart Score, Active Dayz™ (or fitness assessment level) and your status on Multiply Premier.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get the most from Multiply.

The following table illustrates how these measures work together in calculating your Myriad discount:

  • We will use your Healthy Heart Score as at 31 December 2016 or any improvements submitted since then to calculate your discount. If you don’t have a Healthy Heart Score, we will use a Red Healthy Heart Score as the basis for your discount.
  • We will average your Active Dayz™ over a six-month period from January to June and again from July to December. However, to start the process, we will use your two highest months of activity between 1 July 2016 and 31 December 2016 to calculate your initial 2017 discount.
  • If you had no Active Dayz™ but did have a valid fitness assessment at 31 December 2016, we will use your fitness assessment data to calculate your discount. If you’ve submitted any improved fitness assessment results since then, we will use these instead.

Multiply points

A final benefit: you also earn Multiply points for being a Myriad policyholder.

Multiply Provider

Multiply Provider clients do not qualify for discounts on their Momentum Myriad premiums.

Upgrade to Multiply Premier to enjoy this benefit.

Multiply Starter

Multiply Starter clients do not qualify for discounts on their Momentum Myriad premiums.

Upgrade to Multiply Premier to enjoy this benefit.

How to get it

Your discount is calculated using the following combined results:

1. Your Healthy Heart Score

All you have to do is go for your health assessment. Multiply and Momentum Health (through the Health Platform Benefit ) members qualify for one free health assessment per year. Results from your completed Health Assessment together with your smoking status are used to calculate a score and identify which category your heart health falls in, either: green, amber or red.

Health assessment

  • During the health assessment, your blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), cholesterol and blood sugar (finger prick tests) will be measured. You can complete your health assessment at any Dis-Chem or Clicks clinic.
  • Simply contact the clinic sister to make your appointment. Momentum Health members are entitled to one free health assessment as part of their Health Platform benefit. If you are a member of Multiply, your health assessment is free.

You can use your HealthSaver to pay for additional assessments.

2. Your Active Dayz™ or Fitness Assessment Level

Physical activity is being recognised globally as one of the biggest fighters of illness like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, depression and more. We have solutions and tools in place to help you get and stay active.

Active Dayz™

  • Notch up Active Dayz™ by hitting 10 000 steps in a day, accumulating 300 calories in a session, or participating in an event such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour (claimed via Entrytime). As long as you can track what you do, we’ll reward you with an Active Day™ for it. Find out about our activity tracking devices.
  • Remember that when we determine your Myriad discount, your Active Dayz™ will be averaged over a 6 month period from January to June and again from July to December.
  • If you are a Momentum Health member, you can claim your activity tracking device from your HealthSaver, provided you have a HealthSaver account and have accumulated sufficient funds. You can submit the invoice and/or proof of payment for the activity tracking device to for reimbursement.

As a Momentum Health member, Momentum will also give you up to R12 000 per member per year back in HealthReturns.

Your HealthReturns are based on how many Active Dayz™ you have had in the previous month together with your Healthy Heart Score and your status on Multiply Premier.

Fitness Assessment

Multiply will also recognise and use your fitness assessment level to calculate your rewards if you choose this as an alternative to Active Dayz™.

Complete your assessment at a recognised Multiply biokineticist and you will obtain a fitness assessment level which will be fixed for a period of 6 months. For your Myriad life insurance premium discounts it is important to ensure that you have a valid fitness assessment at 31 December as this will determine your fitness assessment level for the next year’s discount calculation.

If you are a Momentum Health member, Momentum will use the best result of either your Active Dayz™ or your fitness assessment to calculate your HealthReturns.

3. Your Multiply Status

The number of points you accumulate will determine your status which will determine your discounts.

Click here to view the Multiply points grid.

Using the benefit:

  • Contact your Momentum accredited financial adviser, or call the Myriad contact centre on 0860 66 54 32.
  • To qualify for Multiply discounts on your Myriad benefits, you must be a member of Momentum Interactive.
  • As a Myriad policyholder, your Momentum Interactive membership is free. It entitles you to discounts on your Myriad policy, based on certain health factors. These include blood pressure, cholesterol, and Body Mass Index (BMI), as well as lifestyle indicators such as your marital status, the number of kilometres you travel every year and the number of vehicle accidents you have had in the past three years.
  • Your Momentum Interactive discount will be reviewed every three years. However, as a member of Multiply, you get a minimum guaranteed discount based on your status. The higher your status, the greater your discount - but should the Momentum Interactive discount be higher than the discount you would earn through Multiply, the higher of the two discounts will apply.

Momentum Myriad Ts & Cs apply.