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Multiply Premier

Offers exceptional savings on Momentum products: Get up to R12000 back in HealthReturns per year; 60% off Myriad premiums, 60% back on your qualifying EmployeeReturns with FundsAtWork and 20% back on your Momentum short-term insurance premiums. You also get a fixed 25% discounted rate with no minimum visits and no activation fee at Virgin Active and Planet Fitness, plus up to 50% off Mango flights, 40% off at Edgars , Jet, CNA and many more, 40% off any TaxTim package and you can multiply your Pick n Pay Smart Shopper points up to 10x, plus more discounts at our Multiply online shop.

Multiply Statuses

The number of points you accumulate will determine your status which will determine your discounts.

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Private Club *
Single 0 250 500 650 750
Family 0 500 1000 1300 1500

* To qualify for Private Club you will need to be a Multiply member for at least two years as well as having earned the points needed for Private Club.

On Premier, your scores will earn you financial rewards

  • Your Active Dayz™ + your Healthy Heart Score + your status can get you up to R12000 back in HealthReturns per year.
  • Your Active Dayz™+ your Healthy Heart Score + your status will earn you discounts of up to 60% off life cover with Myriad.
  • Your Active Dayz™ + your Healthy Heart Score + your status will earn you up to 60% back in your retirement fund premiums.
  • You can earn up to 60% in EmployeeReturns on qualifying FundsAtWork insurance premiums, which you can use to boost your FundsAtWork retirement savings account or your Momentum HealthSaver account. You can even convert these into Pick n Pay Smart Shopper points if you don’t have a HealthSaver account.

Your Momentum product rewards are calculated using the combined results of your Healthy Heart Score, Active Dayz™ (or Fitness Assessment Level) and your status on Multiply Premier.

Product rewards

Momentum Myriad

Get life cover for less! Up to 60% off your premiums with Momentum Myriad.

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Momentum Short-term Insurance

Short term insurance that pays you back. Get up to 20% off your annual premiums.

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Momentum Health

: Momentum Health members can earn up to R12 000 a year in HealthReturns from Momentum.

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When FundsAtWork meets Multiply, your money works even harder.

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How to get Multiply

Join the Multiply family when you have a qualifying Momentum product or belong to a qualifying medical scheme.

Get all this for:

Single member:
R195 pm

Two members:
R235 pm

Family of three or more:
R265 pm