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Nu Metro

Movies have never been more affordable with Nu-Metro and Multiply!

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There’s nothing like a good movie to take your mind off everyday worries. For children, the big screen experience is always a treat no matter how many times they go. But these days a family outing to the movies can be quite costly, which is why you’ll love this deal. You can pay way less for any family member on Multiply or take a friend and enjoy any 2D, 3D, Scene VIP and Scene Xtreme movie at our participating Nu Metro cinemas.

For more info visit Nu Metro.

Multiply Premier

Your discount will depend on your status:

Movies Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Private Club
2D R30 R29 R28 R27 R26
3D R50 R48 R46 R44 R42
VIP 2D R64 R63 R62 R61 R60
Scene Xtreme R74 R73 R72 R71 R70
VIP 3D R74 R73 R72 R71 R70

Multiply Provider

Your discount will depend on your level:

Movies Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
2D R41 R36 R33
3D R64 R59 R54

Multiply Starter

2D R45
3D R66

How to get it:


  • Online at Nu Metro with your cheque or credit card;
  • Call 0861 CINEMA/246362 with your Multiply client number. Swipe your cheque or credit card at the ticket machine to collect;
  • At Nu Metro with your Multiply membership card or number and quote your date of birth;
  • At Nu Metro wall mounted kiosks by tapping your Multiply client number on screen and paying with a cheque or credit card.

Using the benefit:

  • Discounts are offered for the first viewing of a movie. If you see the same movie again, you will pay full price.
  • You can purchase one movie ticket per family member on Multiply. The great news is that we also allow you to take one other person who is not on Multiply.

Discounts are applicable on both 2D and 3D movies at VIP and Scene Xtreme cinemas (4DX cinemas excluded).

The standard Nu Metro Ts & Cs apply.