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Healthy Heart Score Calculator


Healthy Heart Score

A strong heart is the powerhouse of an energetic, healthy body.

Your Healthy Heart Score gives you a better understanding of your heart health now and can predict your risk of coronary heart disease for the next 10 years.

Complete the details below and we'll use the data to give you a Green (low risk), Amber (moderate risk) or Red (High risk) Healthy Heart Score.

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This means you have {{healthyHeartScoreRiskText}} of a heart attack, heart disease and stroke as compared to the average person in your age and gender group.
Depending on your Healthy Heart Score result, level of fitness, safety and financial wellness, we will reward you with discounts and returns on Momentum products as well as with discounts on a variety of partners

** This tool should be used as a guideline towards identifying a member's Healthy Heart Score and is not intended to diagnose or provide medical advice.