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What is Active DayzTM?

Move. Track. Score. Now, no matter how you move, you'll still score.

Run, walk, cycle, chase the kids, dance or skip, we’ve got you. Go to gym, log an event or use your device or app to track your calories burned or steps taken and we’ll give you real benefits like HealthReturns per year and fantastic discounts. And then there are the priceless benefits of feeling more alive, living longer and bullet-proofing yourself against most lifestyle diseases.

How to have Active DayzTM

10 000 steps will get you there

Park the car further. Take the stairs. Walk. Or jog. Use one of our approved apps or devices to track the number of steps you take per day. Get to 10 000 and you’ve got your Active Day.

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Burn 300 Calories

Run, cycle, swim, chase the kids, dance or skip, if you burn 300 calories in a session, you get an Active Day!

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Love to Gym

Get up to 25% off your Virgin Active, Planet Fitness, FitKey or Multiply affiliated gym membership. Work out and get that Active Day. So easy!

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Participate in an event

Do the marathon, take part in a triathlon, walk in heels, whatever you do, if it’s a registered event through Entry time, you’ll get that Active Day.

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Buy your fitness device at a discounted price to start earning your Active Dayz™

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