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Get Active

We need to get moving. If you already are, well done! But if not, here are some troubling stats: physical inactivity can have serious implications for health leading to problems like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and more.

We know that getting and staying active may be challenging, that’s why we’ve made it simple and oh-so-rewarding to up your fitness levels. We give you Active DayzTM, a short questionnaire and a fitness assessment to help you figure out where you are and how to get going. So let’s go!

What is Active DayzTM?

What is Active DayzTM

For our members who want to feel more alive, live longer and go bigger, Active DayzTM allows you to get moving the way you want because we use technology to recognise, encourage and reward you with real benefits like cash-back and discounts.

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Physical Activity Questionnaire

Are you faster than a speeding bullet? Do you work up a sweat? Are you even moving? Take our questionnaire, it will be faster than 10 press-ups we assure you. Once done, you can see where you are in terms of being active, get tips or hints, plus you get points for completing.

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Fitness Assessment

Are your work-outs working for you? Or are you just starting out? Multiply fitness assessments help you understand what your body can do, and how your heart and body recovers from what you’re doing. An experienced biokineticist will help you gauge where your body’s at, assist in setting goals, or compiling a fitness plan. Your Multiply fitness assessment also contributes to the cash-back and discounts you can get on Momentum products.

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