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Momentum launches a new generation savings offering: My Savings Portfolio

Momentum  |  30 July 2014

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Momentum announced the launch of their new generation savings offering called "My Savings Portfolio" during the DNA of financial wellness partnership forum that is taking place at Gallagher Estate in Midrand.

The event forms part of a nationwide road show that kicked-off on 21 July 2014. Attending delegates will gain an in-depth understanding of the financial wellness concept and they are also guided on how to fully utilise Momentum's entire product suite to build and strengthen their clients' financial wellness.

My Savings Portfolio consists of a simple, all-in-one online savings solution that helps people to save for various goals. Also, because Momentum understands that rainy days do happen, they have included the "Anytime Pocket" that gives people access to a portion of their savings, should they need to pay for unexpected expenses or even planned purchases.

My Savings Portfolio gives people the opportunity to:

  • Use different savings products to suit their individual goals,
  • Choose from a list of investment funds managed by the best investment managers in South African to maximise growth potential,
  • Decide whether they want to allocate a portion of their savings money to the Anytime Pocket option should they want to have quick and easy access to their money,
  • Pause, stop and re-start their contributions without penalties,
  • Set a goal date and amount for each savings goal,
  • Personalise each of their goals if they wish to by giving it a name,
  • View their savings online at their convenience and track their progress, and
  • Have the flexibility to make changes to their savings portfolio should their circumstances change.

With July being national savings month, the launch of My Savings Portfolio could not have come at a better time to help encourage South Africans to save for a brighter future. Saving is all about people finding their motivation for doing something that is important to them and taking action to enhance their financial wellness.

Momentum's My Savings Portfolio embraces the philosophy of securing people's financial future by helping them make smarter decisions today. It is designed for people who are serious about achieving their goals. Smart decisions and responsible saving can become a way of life and ultimately become part of people's "DNA". Investing regularly and consistently means that people can have the lifestyle that they want and deserve. Be it for their children's education, a care-free retirement or that something special that they just need to have.

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