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Momentum brings their innovative products to the intermediaries' doorstep

Momentum  |  21 July 2014

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Momentum has embarked on a nation-wide journey to showcase their entire product range and more importantly to engage with intermediaries in addition to sharing the numerous product value propositions. The various DNA forums are hosted in most metropolitan areas and commence today in Polokwane and will conclude in Mbombela on 21 August2014.

One of the main reasons for hosting these DNA forums include the fact that in recent times, the concept of "financial wellness" has become the most important objective of financial planning. Client centricity now defines the purpose of Momentum, which is to enhance the lifetime financial wellness of clients, their families and businesses. Momentum's sustained success lies in understanding their clients' needs and in providing a holistic range of solutions that enhance their clients' financial wellness.

As a result, these events are hosted with the fitting theme of "DNA of financial wellness partnership forums" because Momentum believes that their unique approach to financial wellness is changing the very nature, or DNA, of the concept.

Financial wellness consists of a free online solution that can be utilised by all South Africans to navigate the complex world of money, giving them a clear snapshot view of their financial affairs and a clear roadmap to becoming financially well which can be accessed via the Momentum website on In fact, since the launch of this initiative in November 2013, approximately 30 000 users have engaged with this solution.

The financial wellness concept offers users various online tools that can be utilised to assess their financial wellness. One of these includes 'MyScore' which is a unique, holistic and quick assessment that identifies any gaps in users' financial planning. In addition, MyScore also provides generic profiles against which users can compare their current state of financial wellness.

Momentum has recently expanded the financial wellness initiative by adding an easy to use income tax calculated under the 'My Smarts' solution that guides users to learn about the impact of everyday financial decisions and how best to optimise their finances.

With financial wellness being at the centre of the DNA forums, the attending delegates are guided on how to fully utilise Momentum's entire product suite to build and strengthen their clients' financial wellness.

The different product houses that are present at the various DNA forums include:

  • Financial Wellness
  • Momentum Wealth
  • Momentum Savings
  • Funds@Work
  • Momentum Health
  • Momentum Myriad
  • Momentum Short-term Insurance
  • Multiply

With the change in operating model that focuses even more on client centricity and the overall financial wellbeing being top-of-mind, clients' expectations are closely aligned with trust, sustainability and growth. As a result Momentum approaches their engagements from a "partnership" perspective which means that they now conduct business from the "client need" point of view to ensure that they meet their clients' needs, whether these are product needs, service needs or the way in which clients prefer to interact with them.

With the intermediary being the target audience of the DNA for financial wellness partnership forums, Momentum believes in order to succeed in becoming their clients' preferred lifetime financial wellness partner this demands a unified approach from both them and intermediaries.

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