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Momentum Growth Optimiser

The Momentum Growth Optimiser is an innovative outcome-based investment solution.

It helps you to achieve your investment goal while meeting your investment need for capital protection and enhanced returns. The Momentum Growth Optimiser has a five-year term and gives you enhanced upside returns linked to a globally diversified multi-asset index. You have peace of mind that your capital is protected and that you will get a secured return, regardless of how markets perform.

The Momentum Growth Optimiser is designed to give you the best of all worlds.

Key benefits of the Momentum Growth Optimiser

  • Peace of mind: your original capital and predefined return is secured
  • International diversification: exposure to an industry-leading global index
  • No currency risk: all foreign currency risk has been removed
  • Inflation linked: target returns designed to protect your purchasing power

Speak to your financial adviser before you invest. Your financial adviser will help you decide if this investment product fits into your overall financial plan. If you don't have a financial adviser, find a certified financial planner to discuss how Momentum can help make your money grow.

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