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Momentum Growth Enhancer

An innovative solution that provides enhanced growth on a globally diversified investment. It offers all the predictability of a cash investment, with the added benefit of enhanced market-linked returns.

The Momentum Growth Enhancer is an investment designed to give you the best of all worlds:

  • Secured Return: even if the index is negative at maturity, you will still receive your original capital back plus the secured return of 25% (before tax)
  • Enhanced returns: positive returns above 25% are enhanced by 500% at maturity
  • International diversification: exposure to a global multi-asset index with no currency risk

Momentum Growth Enhancer has been awarded the prestigious 'Deal of the Year’ award by the international authority on structured products. The innovative Momentum Growth Enhancer has received this award in recognition of Momentum’s unique expertise is providing unrivaled client solutions for your financial wellness.

How does it work? Open
  • Your initial investment is fully protected against potential losses at the end of the investment term.
  • You enjoy the certainty of a secured return of 25% (before tax) at the end of the investment term, irrespective of market performance.
  • You can look forward to the potential for an unlimited enhanced return potential linked to a diversified global index.

How does this investment actually work?

What are the benefits? Open
  • It is an investment with a five-year term that gives you a secured return at maturity as well as enhanced return potential linked to a diversified global index.
  • At the end of five years you’ll get a secured return of 25% (before tax) on your original investment amount. e.g. if you invest R100 000, we will pay you a total of R125 000 before tax at maturity (if you remain invested for the full term), even if markets perform negatively during the period.
  • In addition, we enhance all index returns above 25% by 500%*. This means we multiply any returns above 25% by five, which gives you unlimited upside return potential.
  • We link your investment return to a global multi-asset index. Your investment will be in South African rand but will not be exposed to any currency risk.
  • We don’t deduct upfront adviser fees; we allocate 100% of your investment amount to this investment.
  • We don’t charge any advice or platform fees during the investment term. Please speak to your financial adviser for more information regarding fees.

* The 500% return enhancement and 25% secured return are subject to local and international interest rates and may change closer to the trade date of the Momentum Growth Enhancer. The final levels will be confirmed after the trade, but will not be materially different from those stated in this document.

Will it suit my investment objectives? Open

You can consider investing if you:

  • are looking for safety and the potential for exceptional returns;
  • are prepared to invest for five years;
  • want to know that you will receive a secured return of 25% (before tax) at maturity, irrespective of market movements;
  • want unlimited upside return potential;
  • want to expose your money to a diversified global multi-asset index;
  • don’t want your investment exposed to currency risk and fluctuations; and
  • don’t want advice fees to impact your investment and your return potential.
In which Wealth Investment Series products can I invest the Momentum Growth Enhancer? Minimum investment amount
Flexible Endowment Option R50 000
Retirement Annuity Option* R10 000
Retirement Preservation Option* R10 000
Retirement Income Option R10 000

* Regulation 28 applies to these products. Please speak to your financial adviser for more information.

Speak to your financial adviser before you invest. Your financial adviser will help you decide if this investment product fits into your overall financial plan. If you don't have a financial adviser, leave your details and we will call you back.

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