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Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA)

The purpose of FICA is to combat money laundering activities by, among other things, establishing a Financial Intelligence Centre and imposing certain duties on institutions and other persons that might be used for money laundering purposes.

These persons/institutions are identified as "accountable institutions" in the Act. Momentum is such an accountable institution.

As a financial institution, Momentum has the obligation to establish and verify the identity of all its existing and new clients when transacting with them after 30 June 2004.

If we do not verify a client's identity, the law will prevent us from doing business,performing any transactions or complying with any requests sent in on a specific contract. We will, for example, not be able to pay out any maturity proceeds, make any changes to a policy or pay out any proceeds to a bank account whose owner's identity we have not verified.

When conducting a transaction with us, you may be required to send us identifying documents that are applicable to you in order to assist us in complying with the law. Your swift response when requested for this documentation will make sure that there are no delays in dealing with your policy.

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Contact our Client Contact Centre on:

ShareCall (English): 0860 66 98 76

ShareCall (Afrikaans): 0860 66 12 34

Fax: 012 675 3911

E-mail: client@momentum.co.za or alternatively, select the relevant form below, complete it and return it to us along with the required documentation.

English Open
Forms Description
FICA001E Personal identification and verification of natural persons
FICA002E Identification and verification of companies
FICA003E Identification and verification of CCs
FICA004E Identification and verification of other legal persons
FICA005E Identification and verification of trusts
FICA006E Identification and verification of partnerships
FICA007E Identification and verification of foreign companies
FICA008E FICA declaration by financial adviser
FICA009E FICA checklist for non-SA residents
FICA010E FICA checklist for listed companies
FICA011E Confirmation of residential address by co-habitant
FICA012E Confirmation of residential/business address by Financial Adviser
Afrikaans Open
Form Description
FICA001A Persoonlike identifisering en verifiering van natuurlike persone
FICA002A Identifisering en verifiering van maatskappye
FICA003A FIS kontrolelys vir BKs
FICA004A Identifisering en verifiering van ander regspersone
FICA005A Identifisering en verifiering van trusts
FICA006A Identifisering en verifiering van vennootskappe
FICA007A Identifisering en verifiering van buitelandse maatskappye
FICA008A FIS-verklaring deur finansiele adviseur
FICA009A FIS-kontrolelys vir nie SA inwoners
FICA010A FIS kontrolelys vir genoteerde maatskappye
FICA011A Bevestiging van woonadres deur mede-inwoner of derdeparty-huiseinaar
FICA012A Bevestiging van woon-/besigheidsadres deur 'n Finansiële Adviseur