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Born with Momentum

We’re born with the willpower to move forward, to take that extra step.
Where will your momentum take you?

Watch Saray’s story here

Saray Khumalo –
A story of courage

We’re all extraordinary.

When we persevere and move forward courageously, we reach our own personal summit. We also have the ability to help others reach theirs.

The road may not always be smooth and the journey will have its ups and downs. This is when we start taking it one step at a time, moving forward and aligning our thoughts to our actions. But when we finally achieve our goal, that feeling stays with us forever. We all have the ability to be extraordinary, to take our momentum and use it to push us forward on our journey to success.

Join us as we take you on Saray Khumalo’s journey of courage and perseverance, and how her efforts empower the youth of our country through education. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter pages to watch her story unfold.


Where will your courage take you?

Our journey to success means constantly moving forward – persevering to achieve our goals.

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When you stretch yourself to your limits, extraordinary things happen.

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