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Momentum Group Limited changes its name to MMI Group Limited

Momentum Group Limited, the licensed company that underwrites Momentum's life insurance policies has changed its name to MMI Group Limited.

This name change does not affect underwritten policies, which will continue to be administered under the Momentum brand.

Momentum Group Limited, now MMI Group Limited, is a subsidiary of MMI Holdings Limited. MMI Holdings, a JSE-listed company, was formed as a result of the merger between Metropolitan and Momentum Group in 2010. It is South Africa's third-largest life insurance group, with a 122-year underwriting history.

MMI Group Limited will continue to be a large, diversified and well capitalised life insurance underwriter which has served as a consolidation vehicle since 1891. The insurance underwriter was originally called "The Southern Life Association for Mutual Life and Accident Insurance" and more recently, "The Southern Life Association Limited" and "Momentum Group Limited".

As MMI Group Limited, Momentum clients' policies will continue to be underwritten by this well established company under the same terms and conditions.

Momentum clients will continue to receive uninterrupted service and products from Momentum.

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