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Momentum for Small Business

Protecting your bottom line and growing your business has become easier. We offer the right benefits for your business and staff thereby jump-starting your growth.

As a small business owner you’ve asked yourself how to protect your bottom-line, grow your business and keep your staff satisfied. At Momentum for Small Business we understand the various challenges associated with growing your business, and that’s why we provide clear, simple and affordable solutions, focused on those aspects that are most important to you – protection and growth of your bottom-line.

Business Base Benefits Open
Business Optional Benefit Open
Life cover Open

Life cover gives your employees peace-of-mind knowing that their family and loved ones will have some financial security if anything happens to them. This benefit covers the main member and provides security for the employees’ family and dependants' financial well-being in the event of the employee’s death.

The benefit pays a lump sum directly to the employee's beneficiaries at the time of his/her death.

Lump sum disability cover Open

In the unfortunate event that an employee becomes totally and permanently disabled in terms of the provisions of the policy and is unable to perform their duties, this benefit pays the member a lump sum to help cover costs such as medical expenses (not covered by their medical scheme) or to make necessary life-style adjustments as a result of their disability.

The benefit is a once-off lump sum payment directly to the disabled member.

Funeral cover Open

Arranging a funeral of a loved one is a difficult time for any family. The funeral benefit covers the main member, up to 2 spouses and 5 children. The benefit pays a lump sum to the family on the death of the member, spouse or child to arrange a funeral that is befitting a loved one.


  • R10 000 for the main member and spouse/s
  • R10 000 for children over age 14 years
  • R5 000 for children 6-13 years
  • R2 500 for children 1-5 years
  • R1 250 for children under age 1
  • R750 for a still born child
Employee optional benefits Open

Dread disease cover

A serious illness such as cancer can place huge emotional and financial strain on a family. At times, medical schemes don’t cover all the costs associated with treatment, which can place even greater strain on a family. This cover pays a lump sum benefit to your employee to help them cover costs related to treatment.

The lump sum will be paid to the main member

Retirement savings

It is never too early or too late to start saving for retirement. Everyone wants to enjoy a financially secure retirement and preparing early for retirement will make it easier for your employees to build up savings that can provide the type of lifestyle they are looking forward to enjoying at retirement.

A provident fund is a retirement savings vehicle that is registered under the Pension Funds Act and approved for tax purposes by SARS.

Retirement savings contributions

Retirement savings contributions, from R200 to R1 200 per month in increments of R200 are available for selection.